71st International Astronautical Congress 12-14 October 2020

71st International Astronautical Congress  12-14 October 2020

The CyberSpace Edition : IAF Connecting @ll Space People - Free of charge

The theme of the IAC 2020 – The CyberSpace Edition will indeed be about the IAF Motto: “IAF Connecting @ll Space People”. The IAF has understood that all the measures to address the COVID-19 pandemic that rely on social distancing and social isolation are placing a huge strain on communities. As the world is grappling with this massive challenge, the role of the Federation in the space community has become of paramount importance in connecting people back together. Virtually and for free, the Space Community will embrace resilience by being connected together. The IAC 2020 – The Cyberspace Edition’s structure and programme will be leaner and simpler than a regular IAC because of its virtual format. The 2 and half days of the IAC 2020 will be revolving around the Global Space Governance, the Global Space Economy, and the Global Space Advocacy, including 3G Diversity.


Info: http://www.iafastro.org/events/iac/iac-2020/