François Englert, our Nobel Price the Centre "BEL"

François Englert, our Nobel Price the  Centre

The Brout-Englert- Lemaître Center launched the 30th April

The pioneering role of Georges Lemaître, Robert Brout & François Englert played a very pivotal role in fundamental physics in Belgium.

Based on their scientific prestige, but even more on their permanent curiosity and eagerness to discuss and extend our physics understanding of the world, they succeeded very early on in promoting scientific contacts between groups operating in different Belgian universities.

At the time, is was certainly no small feat for science to transcend the barriers between the various institutions.


Shortly after François Englert's Nobel Prize, and following his desire to sharing its impact with the Belgian scientific community, the Senate voted a motion recommending the creation of the Brout-Englert-Lemaître Center (Proposition de resolution relative à la creation d'un Centre de recherche BEL (Brout-Englert-Lemaître) RAPPORT FAIT AU NOM DE LA COMMISSION DES FINANCES ET DES AFFAIRES ÉCONOMIQUES PAR MME TILMANS), 

I'm really happy that the "Bell Center" becomes gradually reality!!