Space for a Safe Society & Sustainable Growth

Space for a Safe Society & Sustainable Growth

Bucharest - Roumania - 5 June

The conference "Space for a Safe and Secure Society, supporting Sustainable Growth" will take place in Bucharest on 4-5 June 2019. It is organised by the European Commission, in collaboration with the Romanian Space Agency, the European Space Agency and Eurisy, under the auspices of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council and the Romanian Ministry for Research and Innovation. 

It will focus on the benefits brought by the Earth observation, navigation and satellite communication technologies for the safety and security of the citizens as well as for the sustainable growth of the society.

I will be Moderator 


SESSION 2: Space for a Safe Society

Contribution of Space to EU and Regional Safety

  • Vera Pinto, European Commission (112, e-call, SAR)
  • Zoltan
  • Copernicus Security Service: Denis Bruckert, EU Satellite Centre
  • Emergency Management Service: Stephane Ourevitch, Copernicus Support Office
  • Liviu Oboroc - Implementing Advanced Mobile Location to improve Emergency call Response in Moldova
  • Nicolae Sebe, Security Research Group – RO (TBD)
  • Veneta Giorgeva, Bulgarian Maritime Administration


Round table discussions with EU and regional users “Maximising the uptake of the EU Space programme for a safer society”

Moderator: Dominique Tilmans, Eurisy