The International Space Forum (ISF 2024) – the Gulf Chapter.


Bahrain 1-2-3 July 2023

The International Space Forum 2024 is organized by IAF, ASI and the National Space and Science Agency (NSSA), with the relevant support of the local Authorities of Bahrain. It is addressed to Ministers and Authorities in charge of space activities, as well as to Heads of Space Agencies and representatives of Academia and Research community in the Gulf region. Space agencies of the rest of the world and relevant intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations are also invited as observers.

Forum Objectives Space activities require a high level of technical and scientific knowledge, both in terms of capacity building and infrastructures. The opportunity for local players and institutions of the Gulf region to play a role in space activities and to connect with the “international space network” may be highly beneficial. This is expected to increase the flow of space knowledge and technological development, as well as the chances to find space solutions to better respond to the needs of the region. The International Space Forum 2024 in Manama will stimulate fruitful discussions between Ministers and Authorities of the Gulf region and other Arab countries on the opportunity to take common actions and launch joint initiatives to increase the participation of their scientific and academic institutions, as well as the private players in space activities, to contribute to meet the needs of the local communities and develop their capacities and abilities.

Forum Program and content

The Forum will address three main topics, which will be presented by three keynote speakers: Earth Observation: from technology to applications and services - services and applications coming from space data are the first and most evident results of space technology in service of local communities and populations. o Space exploration: a gateway to the Universe - Space exploration is not only the necessary achievement of human knowledge, but it drives high technology and requests in-depth scientific studies. o Space visions and policies: sharing experiences and best practices - policies and visions in space domain are a necessary skeleton for the economic and social development of the region. Sharing experiences and best practices at local and international level is a unique and challenging opportunit