Who got the award of "Personality of the Year" and "Team of the Year" ?

Who got the award of
Who got the award of
Who got the award of
Who got the award of

Who got the award of “Personality of the Year” by beSPACE’s Young Professionals?Dominique Tilmans, the founder of YouSpace !

Who got the award of “Personality of the Year” by beSPACE’s Young Professionals?

Dominique Tilmans, the founder of YouSpace!

“For her outstanding efforts for the space sector, in Belgium and Europe. First, for many years, as a member of the Belgian Senate, as President of the Senatorial Workgroup on Space and as President of the European Interparliamentary Space Conference. Then, more recently, as President of YouSpace and Eurisy.

beSPACE beSPACE considers the YouSpace Platform as a vital tool for the professional development of the next Generation of space professionals. Dominique’s new position at Eurisy, an association of 20 EU space agencies that aims to connect space and society by raising awareness on the potential of satellite applications, also illustrates het talent for building bridges: between Politics and Industry, between Students and Professionals, between Space and Earth, …

In an increasingly complex world, these dialogues have become an absolute necessity. In short, her legendary energy, her ability to identify the needs of all different parties and the concrete solutions that she proposes have had – and will continue to have – a genuinely positive impact in each and every one of her many endeavors.”   

Who got the award of “Team of the Year”?

The QB50 team from Von Karman Institute!

This 21ST March will be launched 36 Cubesats realized by more than 300 students and 50 professors from 16 different countries participating in this project!

One of the main purposes of the QB50 project is to achieve a sustained and affordable access to space for small scale research space missions and planetary exploration.

The designer of the award, Fabio Lorefice created these astronauts with a 3D printing technology!