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Dominique launched a "Platform to improve interaction between Universities/Industry": YouSpace

During my presidency of the Senate Space Group, we have worked in several instances on the necessity to improve better relationships between universities and industry to attract the Students to the Belgian space sector. 

Today, contrary to some beliefs, the space sector is in good shape and recruits! Unfortunately in the next 10 years, the European Space industry will be facing an important number of retirements (as an effect of the Baby Boom).
The challenge concerning the knowledge transmission will have important consequences in terms of innovation and competitiveness.

The aims of the Platform are to:

  • Build up a strong team spirit via an active networking between students and professionals.
  • Increase the efficiency of a fast-evolving sector. 


1. Launching "Be a Space Mentor/Be a Space Mentee" to support the students in their professional choices.

  • 3 types of Mentors: Industrials, University Professors & Researchers, Institutionals
  • 2 types of Mentees: Master Students and PhDs & Young Professionals

2. “YouSpace in Universities”: Each year, in collaboration with the Belgian Universities and the Industry, we go to meet the students in science together with 3 different speakers: engineering, space applications and research.

3. “Meeting Space Mentors/Space Mentees”: Twice a year, YouSpace organizes a face-to-face between Students and Young/Senior Professionals.


Belgian Space Job Fair:

Organizing a big “Space Job Fair” every 2 years, dedicated to the Space sector which would gather all the Belgian Universities, Research Centers and industry.

Spread YouSpace in Europe

The final goal of YouSpace is to implement the platform in each European country to create a big EU Space Network between Students, Young Professionals and Senior Professionals.


  • Sarah Baatout, Head of Radiobiology Unit SCKCEN & Professor UGent & UNamur
  • Natacha Callens, Administrator - ESA Academy.
  • Emmanuelle Courtheoux, Belspo
  • De Becker Michaël, Professor ULG
  • Véronique Dehant, Head of Section, Royal Observatory Brussels
  • Philip De Man, Project Manager ULeuven.
  • Thierry Du Pré Werson, CEO Spacebel & President Belgospace
  • Jean-Paul Malingreau, "father" of the programme Vegetation.
  • Marjan Moreels, Space and Radiology Scientist, SCKCEN
  • Vladimir Pletser, Senior Physicist, Engineer ESA
  • Frank Preud'homme, Commercial Director QinetiQ Space
  • Jean-Pierre Swings, Former Professor ULG
  • Dominique Tilmans, Former Senator & President "Groupe Espace Sénat"
  • Andrei Vedernikov, Senior Researcher, ULB